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How to interpret the misunderstanding of PVC woven carpet

Dec 26, 2017

1, PVC floor is plastic flooring, not fire.

A: PVC woven carpet is the main raw material is polyethylene chloride and additives, after rigorous processing. And through the National Fire detection level (PVC floor for B1 level), is a really real fire prevention materials.

2, PVC woven carpets have peculiar smell, not environmental protection.

A: The formaldehyde emission of PVC woven carpets is the lowest in all kinds of ground materials, and has passed the national poisonous and harmful detection.

Formaldehyde release:

The effect of release amount (MG) on human body;

0.5-1.5 the influence of human nervous system;

1.5-2.0 eye itch, insomnia, etc.

The effect of 2.0-30 trachea and lungs;

30-100 emphysema, pneumonia, other inflammation;

More than 100 deaths.

Test results: Laminate flooring at 1.5, laminate flooring 2.7,PVC woven carpets are not detected.

3, PVC Woven carpet size stability than wood flooring and laminate flooring, not suitable for the warm.

A: PVC woven carpet through a special treatment process to make its adhesion, product size stability is very good, applicable to the thermal expansion of the ground, even if the use of the floor humidity of the larger ground, will not deform, can be maintained for a long time.