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How to judge the quality of knitted carpets

Dec 26, 2017

This year, with the burning of vinyl-knitted carpets, many brands have sprung up in the country overnight. This new product makes many people who do not understand is blind, do not know how to choose, how to judge good or bad. Here I teach you a few simple ways to see product quality within five seconds. Vinyl woven carpets, the domestic popular known as PVC textured flooring, Chinese medicine has: 

look, smell, ask, cut four ways, I am here to borrow a "look and smell cut" this three concepts. Hope: First look at the surface layer longitude knitting is straight. The straight of longitude directly affects the beauty of the surface layer. The second is to look at the bottom of the product with what color bottom, the lowest level of the domestic is black background, this kind of products more use of recycled materials, a better use of gray dense bottom, the best use of white bottom back (white back to ensure the use of a raw material) 

smell: is the nose to smell, if the material has a pungent taste, indicating raw material is not good, Glue is used in the composite process. 

Cut: PVC material itself has the characteristics of contraction, the domestic can solve the problem of shrinking manufacturers few, a well-known foreign brands in the production process to add glass fiber to enhance the stability of its products, domestic manufacturers can grasp the rare glass fiber technology. How to determine whether the product has been added fiberglass? That's what I'm going to say, "cut" to bend the product's surface let the bottom of the product close to the ear, hard folded, glass fiber products can be heard "snapped" the sound of the rupture, such products can guarantee the late no contraction, if there is no sound changes, the later will appear contraction.