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PVC Plastic Flooring Related knowledge

Dec 26, 2017

Scope of application

Applicable to telecommunications, electronic power, microelectronics, medicine and other industries in the program control room, computer rooms, power dispatching rooms, clean purification plant, communications equipment, manufacturers, SMT bonding workshop and other requirements of purification and anti-static places.

Performance characteristics

Product surface resistivity (105-108) Ω, construction convenient and quick, easy to clean and maintenance.

Construction Technology

Clean the ground → paved grounding conductive net → lead ground → apply strong glue → coating conductive adhesive → paving floor → welded floor seam → surface cleaning → detection performance.


1. When placing items on the floor, you should avoid the heavy lifting on the floor, the contact surface should not be too small, when necessary, wood liner can be used.

2. When walking or working on the floor, you cannot wear shoes with metal nails, and you cannot use sharp objects or hard objects to scratch and knock on the surface of the floor.

3, often with the wet mop mopping the ground, the more dirty place can be alcohol and other solvents for cleaning.

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