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PVC Woven carpets-Methods for removing different stains from carpets

Dec 26, 2017

Edible grease: Use the volatile solvent such as petrol or carbon tetrachloride to clear, the residual part should use alcohol to clean.

Soy sauce Stains: New Stains first brush with cold water, and then wash with detergent can be removed. Chen stains can be added with warm water detergent and ammonia scrub, and then drift clean with clean.

Shoe grease: Wipe with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol and wash with soap.

Urine Stains: New stains can be washed with warm water or 10% ammonia liquid. Chen Stains first wash with detergent, then with ammonia washing, wool carpets to be washed with citric acid.

Juice Stains: First wash with 5% ammonia liquid, and then use detergent again. But the ammonia to wool carpet fiber has the damage effect, therefore should minimize uses, generally may use the citric acid or the soap to clean, uses the alcohol also to be possible.

Ice cream Stains: wipe with petrol.

Wine Stains: Clean water with new stains. Chen stains need to be cleaned with water. The water solution with ammonia and borax can be cleared by the new stain. If it is wool, silk material carpets, can be used to clean oxalic acid.

Coffee stains, Tea stains: wash with ammonia. Silk, wool carpet, with oxalic acid cleaning agent for 10-20 minutes before washing, or with 10% of glycerol solution cleaning.

Vomit Stains: One method is to use gasoline to wipe, and then wipe with 5% ammonia water, and finally wash with warm water. Another method is to use 10% ammonia water to wet the vomit, and then use alcohol to wipe the soap, and finally clean with detergent.