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The development trend of wallcovering

Dec 26, 2017
Some people joked that wallpaper, wallcovering is the wallcovering of "fashion", which is not exaggerated, because it is often the same as fashion to represent the trend of the times, reflecting the personality of people, expressing people's pursuit of beauty and comfort. With the common innovation of designers and engineers, the application of new technology and equipment, existing wallpaper, wall products have a rich style, colorful, vibrant texture, soft texture, sound-absorbing breathable, not easy to burst, mounting simple, easy to replace and can be used for water cleaning and so on, and has been made of flame-retardant, heat insulation, insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, Antibacterial, mildew, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, dustproof, anti-static and other environmentally-friendly multi-functional polymerization products. Wall is mainly embodied in the decorative features of the culture, functional aspects of the performance is a multi-functional polymerization of the safety and environmental protection, energy-saving low-carbon. Wallcovering color, pattern, texture can be carefully designed, more adapted to the needs of various environments and to meet the various levels of the modern people's aesthetic, so as to create a luxurious, warm, comfortable, healthy environment, this is the other wall decoration materials can not be compared. Decorative and functional will be the main battlefield of wall manufacturer competition, famous brand will be born in winners. According to incomplete statistics, in some developed countries in Europe and the United States, the popularity of wallpaper wall reached more than 80%, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other markets, the penetration rate is also very high. In the Chinese market, with the rapid development of social economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, wallpaper wall decoration has been more and more accepted by people. Therefore, a variety of tourism facilities, guesthouses, villas, a large number of construction, the requirements of building materials more and more high, all kinds of high-grade decorative materials such as wallpaper, wall demand for a straight rise. Star hotels, entertainment, high-grade restaurant restaurants and office buildings in the interior walls are basically decorated with wallpaper or wall. Even some developers in high-grade residential real estate, apartment buildings, office buildings, fine decoration mounted wallpaper, wall after the sale.