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why you choose our yalees woven vinyl flooring

Jan 19, 2018

Why you choose our yalees woven vinyl flooring ?

Woven vinyl flooring might just be to your next design! pls Believe me and pls see the below sheet for your understanding.

Market:this is only new products,if you have tile flooring,wood flooring,rubber flooring ,pvc flooring and so on,maybe your designers already are boring with them,so why not add the new woven vinyl flooing into your clollection in your market ? Which is not fresh your designers brain,but also give your clients diversity,then you will gain the more market.
How to installIt is the similar way to install woven vinyl flooring to your wood flooring,rubber flooring
How to cleanIt is so easy to clean, just use the brush to clean the surface stain,natual drying
lifetime8 years
Advantagefire-resistance;water proof;wear proof;friendly ;easy to clean;long life time
Report/certificateReach,Rohs,Fire-resistance report by the British standard
Our serviceA4 samples for free;welcome a custom;we have factory,welcome a visit to here any your free time;


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