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Art Woven Carpet Features:

Dec 26, 2017

Art Woven Carpet Features:

• Waterproof: Super Waterproof performance, the water bubble is not easy to produce deformation and surface changes.

• Skid Resistance: Special surface weaving process for weaving carpets and special non-slip treatment of substrates, making products more suitable for use in public places and families.

• Fire Resistance: Unique fabric design makes our products have a strong fire-resistant function, low flammability.

• Cleanliness: Easy to clean, low maintenance cost. Conventional cleaning tools can be, with vacuum cleaners, detergents or clean water, more than the traditional carpet to save a lot of human and material costs.

• Durability: Long service life, low deformation rate.

• Wear resistance: soft texture and good elasticity, after pressing with the reset function, high wear resistance.

• Mute Sex: Weaving the surface of the concave-convex shape, more conducive to the absorption of ground noise and partition.

• Environmental protection: In the more and more environmental protection of the modern society, the art of weaving carpets from the selection of raw materials to the production of products are non-toxic harmless principles, products to achieve international testing standards; green energy-saving, health and environmental protection is our purpose.

• Aesthetic degree: Many styles of weaving, surface texture is good, color rich and diverse, to maximize customer diversification needs.

• Unique design, simple lines, perfect color collocation, give people the perfect enjoyment of vision, enjoy high-quality personalized life.

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