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PVC Flooring Market

Dec 26, 2017

1, the opportunity to enter

Since the 80 's the first PVC plastic flooring into the domestic market, has been to 2000 of the entire industry in the groping and primary stage, 1998-2004 PVC Flooring has a preliminary development, 2004-2007 PVC Plastic sports flooring and commercial floors have gradually been recognized by the industry, More and more stadiums, competition venues began to choose Professional PVC sports flooring, more and more construction also began to choose PVC Commercial flooring. With the 2008 Olympic Games held, as well as the entire market for PVC plastic flooring recognition. According to expert analysis the industry has entered a development period. The next 5-10 years will certainly enter a high speed development period.

2, the demand is big

According to the National 2010 Development Plan, the construction industry will become one of the pillar industries of the national economy, the country will build 3.35 billion square meters of residential area in the city, 5 billion square meters of residential area in town and 1 billion square meters of public buildings, according to the current foreign PVC floor accounted for 1/3 proportion this will be a huge market Strong with PVC plastic flooring industry development.

3, new High-tech paving materials

PVC Flexible plastic flooring is currently the world's building materials industry, the most novel High-tech paving materials. has been widely used in decoration projects abroad. Since the 80 's into the domestic market has been vigorously promoted, now commercial (office buildings, shopping malls, airports,), education (schools, libraries, stadiums), medicine (pharmaceutical factories, hospitals), factories and other industries widely used, and to achieve satisfactory results, the use of increasing volume.