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The Construction Process Of PVC Flooring

Dec 26, 2017

Construction Operation Technology

Grass-roots treatment-self-leveling Construction Paving--PVC Installation-seam welding-clean the scene.

(i), grass-roots treatment

1, the wall, ceiling and doors and windows, such as the installation completed, the ground debris cleaning clean.

2, clear the surface of the grass-sand, oil, residue and so on.

3, clean the ground dust, sand grains.

4. Clean the ground thoroughly, evenly roll over the interface agent.

(ii), self-leveling construction

1, check whether the cement leveling is in line with the relevant technical standards, such as the outdated self-leveling should not be used.

2, the amount of self-leveling into the solution, according to the product description with clean water will be self-leveling diluted.

3, fully stirred until the cement self-leveling into the flow state.

4, the order will be artesian flat down in the construction floor, with rake teeth scraping plate scraping flat, thickness about 2-3mm.

5, after the construction of self-leveling 4 hours of pedestrian and stacking goods.

(iii), line

1, according to design patterns, plastic flooring specifications, room size, for the division, the bomb line positioning.

2, in the grass-roots pop-up center cross or diagonal line, and pop up the mosaic line.

3, on the wall pop-up set edge, lines must be clear, accurate.

4, the floor shop before the line dry row, pre-spelling and number of plates.

(iv), floor installation

1, the ground grass-roots with hair sweeping or dry towel wipe again, clean dust removal.

2, the ground level, to meet the requirements of laying, and then the paste with tooth-shaped scraper evenly brushing in the grass-roots surface, the plate from the inside to the order of the shop, one or a construction surface paved with a drum or push plate pressure dense.

3, after the plate paving, according to the temperature to judge the dry cleaning of the sticky detergent, and then, plate seam welding.

4, before welding will be adjacent to the edge of the two to cut into V-shaped groove, welding electrodes used with the welded plate components of the same electrode, hot air welding torch temperature to 180 degrees;--250 degree;

5, the welding rod after cooling with a shovel will be higher than the surface of the extra electrode shovel cut flat, the operation should be careful not to shovel damage to the floor surface.