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What Is The Construction Technology Of Vinyl Base Plate?

Dec 26, 2017

Vinyl Anti-Corrosion Flooring Construction Method: 

1, to deal with: according to the conditions of the ground to do a good job grinding, repair, dust;

 2, vinyl ester Bottom coating: The vinyl ester resin according to the appropriate proportion of the promotion agent and curing agent, will be a thin scrape, enhance surface adhesion; 

3, paving glass weaving: The glass weaving is placed flat, Use the prepared vinyl ester to glue the glass cloth to the ground, and use the batch knife to apply the ethylene ester to the flat, so that it spreads evenly. Do one to three layers as needed; 

4, vinyl ester coating: The deployment of a good vinyl ester paint with an iron trowel evenly coated one to the next; 

5, vinyl ester topcoat: Will be the deployment of a good vinyl ester surface paint with the trowel uniform coating, After the completion of the overall ground bright clean, uniform color, no empty drums, 

6, construction is completed: 24 hours before the venerable, 72 hours can be weighed. (25 degrees), low temperature opening time need to be moderately extended

 7, maintenance